Surtec 650

This process allows protection against aluminum corrosion, without having to perform any other subsequent treatment. Surtec 650 can also be used as a sub-layer by adhesion of paints, lacquers...

It is particularly suitable for application on aluminum. The Surtec 650 maintains the electrical properties of the base metal unaltered by having a very low electrical resistance. Withstands temperatures up to +100 C, leaving its protective properties unaltered. Surtec 650, meets the main corrosion resistance requirements of the US NAVY (MIL C_5541 / MIL DTL-81706 / Minimum 336 hours in NSS). Surtec 650 treatment complies with the European Directives 2000/53 / CE (RoHS), 2002/96 (WEEE).

Surtec 650 is totally Vl chrome-free while offering the same excellent performance. It is therefore a completely non-toxic treatment.

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