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Allegretti Aeroplating is a company that operates in the field of chemical treatment of metals and specifically in the surface processing of aluminum and its alloys.
This is a new company in the sector but with a great experience acquired over the years by its three founders in the field of galvanic plant engineering, in the specific field of chemical treatment of aluminum and in the aeronautical sector.
This allows us to develop and solve any type of need and problem in a very short time, as well as naturally guaranteeing the most classic processes listed below:

  • Anodic oxidation and anodic thickness oxidation
  • Chromic passivation on aluminum and steel
  • Aluminum coloring
  • Surtec 650 on aluminum

  • Laboratory:
    Another point considered very important is the systematic and daily control of the galvanic system products used for the processing of the parts. For this purpose a specific laboratory has been set up where it is possible to test and certify the quality of the treated material.

    The equipment commonly used for anodic oxidation is in aluminum and titanium.
    It is a very important phase of oxidation because from this is largely dependent on good electrical conductivity and consequently better quality. From this point of view Allegretti Aeroplating can satisfy any requirement thanks to the comproved experience of founding partner in the galvanic implants field.

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